Malibu Engagement : Laura + Adam


One might say he waited three years to finally get a drink with her, but that’s the nutshell version. In actuality, Adam regularly visited his local Starbucks, ordered a drink, then left. That is, of course, until he caught the eye of a petite barista behind the counter. Whenever Adam walked in, she whispered how cute he was, but kept her distance. After a few small exchanges, Adam walked in and asked Laura out for a drink. She stammered for words and vaguely explained things were complicated (and keenly omitted she was only 19 years old).

Adam went his way, Laura moved to Chicago, Adam moved to a new part of town and found a new Starbucks. Three years later, Laura returned home and returned to the purr of the espresso machine and donned a green apron. One afternoon, Adam walked in. Laura saw him from a distance, still as handsome as she remembered, and quietly said hello. Three years after he asked her out for a drink, he asked her out one more time…and this time she said yes. They’ve been together ever since and are creating a perfect life. Together.

Laura and Adam are planning their wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico this May and I’m honored to be a part of their special day. We met in Malibu for their engagement session and I couldn’t have had more fun. Here are a few of my favorites…

I knew Adam and Laura were great people to begin with, but I saw just how awesome they were the day of their engagement session. When we arrived to the location they chose for the shoot, things didn’t work as they anticipated, so we quickly created a new plan. A new plan that meant we’d simply pull off to the side of the road in Malibu for engagement photos. I’ve never done that before, but it was a new adventure and I LOVED every minute of it!

Laura…really? Go on with all your gorgeousness…

One of the reasons I particularly enjoyed this session was because it dealt a new set of challenges I wasn’t prepared for, and had to quickly adjust my thinking. As we walked through Malibu, we noticed this lot and simply entered through an open gate. The property manager said we weren’t supposed to be there, but he’d let it slide this one time. HOLLLLLLA!

It was very bright and unseasonably warm last week, but Laura and Adam looked like pros…

After a quick change, we discovered a walking path (okay, it was more like a overgrown bush adjacent to a mountain), that yielded the most amaaaazing light. Ever. I was in love.


I’ll end this post with this happy photo…it perfectly showcases everything Laura and Adam are: happy, in love, and perfectly matched for each other.

To see more of Laura and Adam’s Malibu engagement photos with Holley Maher music provided by The Music Bed, feel free to CLICK HERE or simply watch it now:

Happy Thursday!