Million Dollar Mistake I Made (for years)

I was afraid, I just couldn’t admit it.  Few things scare me, but this?  THIS?  Well this made me quiver in my boots like Jesse James walking off a train with his posse and walking into church alone.

For years (yearsssss) I wanted to share my process of launching (the exact methodology creating a strategic and expiring promotional plan for an offer), but it was daunting.

It made me uncomfortable.

It was much bigger than anything I’d done before.

It was advanced.

It was—also—the most frequent thing I was asked about.

For years I pushed this idea aside, but when I began consulting launches for other businesses, my brain prickled with lightning bolt fissures.

Despite the jolts of electricity, I muted my thoughts.  It was still a no for me.

In March 2023, I launched my first mastermind and spent six months with 15 incredible entrepreneurs as they scaled their businesses.  Most of their questions, however, focused on…you guessed it…launching.

I realized that, while they were succeeding in their businesses, they were doing everything in such a roundabout way.

I looked at the details, and I saw so, so, so many ways to help them streamline their launches.

So many ways to help them DOUBLE their revenue.

To make their launches EASY.

To STRATEGIZE and to EXECUTE launches that were even more successful.

They implemented those changes, and they saw those massive results. That doubled revenue. That ease. That strategy.

It was incredible to watch.

Guess what though? I sat on that magic I had, because I was too nervous to put it out in the world.

I kept talking myself out of it.

But then I joined a mastermind myself. Inside, there were 8 other entrepreneurs who were making 10 figures each year. I told them about a launch I was working on at the time, and told them about how it was going to do over a million dollars.

They looked at me: “HOW?!” they asked.

So I told them. I spilled the tea on my strategies.

Then a crazy thing happened: they asked my team to strategize their launches for them.

And it clicked.

Not only were six and seven-figure business owners needing these strategies and plans… so were these 10-figure business owners.

So that brings us to today…I’m building up my launch to, well, launch. SOMEONE HOLD ONTO MY MILLENNIAL ATH LEISURE BASEBALL CAP BECAUSE I AM SO META RIGHT NOW.

Now, before you think this email is about getting you to buy something…it’s not.  I am, however, inviting you to make an investment of your time in case you’d like to launch something in the future.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending a behind-the-scenes/Insider Look at how I’m launching this new offer.

This email isn’t about the offer.  This email is about you getting a front row seat to how I’m launching it.

I will NOT be sending the Insider emails to everyone (you know I wouldn’t spam you, right?), but I WILL be sending emails to you, if you’d like to walk on this journey with me.

Click >>HERE<< if you’d like to be part of my behind-the-scenes look at my launch and watch your inbox for updates over the coming weeks.

I’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and the…well…the truth of what it means to launch in public.

What I do know is that I haven’t been THIS excited about an offer in a while.  (I also feel nervous, exposed, and a wee bit nauseous!)

Even if you don’t opt-in to the Insider Look, I’ll still be sending you my weekly emails, so we’ll still be connecting about business, growth, and personal development.

To stepping into our magic with lightning bolts,