Orange County Wedding Photographer

As a child, my father took me to the sandy shores of Newport Beach, where I'd bury my toes, close me eyes, and wish for life to remain limitless. Years later, I'm still burying my toes in the sand…and still pursuing life's limitless passions. I started my photography business in Orange County the minute I laid my hands on my first digital camera in 2005, and I haven't looked back since.

In the past decade, I became a Los Angeles and Orange County Wedding Photographer…then brides invited me to document their special days around the world. Everywhere from Santa Barbara, to Napa Valley, to Costa Rica, to Canada, to Miami, to New York City…and beyond.

While attending law school in Los Angeles, I realized I wanted my life to stretch beyond the confines of rules, so I picked up a camera, married my best friend and together we opened our studio in Orange County. Together we document the funnest, warmest, and most beautiful weddings…surrounded by clients whom we absolutely adore. Being Orange County Wedding Photographers has been the greatest gift!

If you're planning a wedding in Orange County, Los Angeles, or beyond, feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to chat about how to ensure your wedding is photographed perfectly tailored for your dreams.