Santa Ana College

I'm usually greeted with stoic stares and large, dramatic gulps whenever I tell my loved ones, We need to talk. I'm pretty sure conversations with me are akin to repeatedly hitting your funny bone, watching grass grow, or underwater basket weaving. Or at least that's what they say. But does that stop me? No, no it doesn't. Oh, Internet, I'm a talker. I talk about talking, and talk about talking too much.

So, one could just imagine my pleasure when I was invited by Professor Michael LaNoue to speak to his Santa Ana photography class. Speak to people mandated to listen to me?! Well, I'll be!

Last night JD and I made our way into the classroom and were greeted by such an amazing group of students. The vibe of the group was awesome and I had such a great time talking. Obviously, right? I spoke about the importance of creating a strong web presence in defining their business and brand, and I hope I was able to proffer a little help as they begin their careers.

Here's a picture JD took of the class…

Lastly, I would like to thank Professor LaNoue for his warm invitation and for his gracious hospitality. How I wish I had a photography professor when I went to college and I think he's doing amazing things for his students! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!