Shooting Star : How to Photograph Wedding Rings

I make no joke about my love for all things Facebook. It's creepy actually. Mark Zuckerberg should be scared of me because if I saw his Audi, I might leave a thank you note tucked in the windshield. Why, yes, I know he drives an Audi. Like I said, creeeeepy.

In all seriousness, the reason I like Facebook is because it allows me to connect with photographers and makes the photo industry–which sometimes feels polarizing and isolating–a bit smaller. A place where we say y'all and smile at strangers. When people write on my wall, I try to personally respond or others step in and help along the way. Because at the end of the day, we all want to follow our dreams and helping each other is the best way to get there.

Last week, I was asked How To Photograph Wedding Rings:

I thought it made for a series of great questions, so I decided to answer them and shoot a demonstration for this installment of Shooting Star. In this video, I'll answer:
*How I get inspiration for wedding ring photos
*What background works best when photographing wedding rings
*Whether I plan the wedding ring photos in advance
*How long I spend photographing wedding rings
*How I set up wedding rings
*Demonstration: How I photograph wedding rings

I hope this helps just one person…and then this person pays it forward…and, together, we create a ripple effect to make the industry stronger. Together.