The Best Things I’ve Done for My Business


Not too long ago, I blogged about the Top 5 Mistakes I Made When I Started My Business, but I thought I should probably highlight some of the Best Things I’ve Done for My Business. I’m sure loving capital letters, right? Today I’m taking a moment to share things that’ve helped my photography business in hopes of shedding light into my mangled path to becoming a full time photographer.

7. Having hobbies outside of photography.
I’m an avid reader and yogi. When I have free time, you’ll likely find me in Downward Dog…or just laying down. With a bag of Skittles. And a good book.
My husband and I are huge movie lovers, so we make it a point to see at least one movie a week. We usually have to rotate our movie choices because JD likes brawny, guy movies, but I prefer foreign films. Reading and cinema rolled into one?! Sign me up!
Allowing my brain to fill with elements outside my craft/work really pushes me to think differently and create in new ways.
6. Finding photographers who inspire me.
This list is growing and ever-changing, but I can say that the photographer who sits squarely on top right now is Vivian Maier. Sometime last year, I came across her street photography and fell in love…JD even surprised me and took me to her exhibit when it was in Los Angeles. Known her entire life as a nanny, Maier took hundreds and hundreds of photos without showing a single person. The photos are truly amazing and show city life in America in a post-war glow. It wasn’t until a local historian purchased a box of negatives from an auction and curated her work that the world has become to know who she was. Maier existed entirely in terms of what she saw and it wasn’t until years after her death did her work become her legacy.
5. Working with my husband.
I’m sure there are couples who couldn’t imagine working/eating/sleeping/dreaming/hoping with their spouse every waking moment, but I love it. I feel incredibly blessed to be supported by one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met. No, really, JD is mind-blowingly awesome and I have no idea why he married me. I totally married up and increased my business worth having him as part of my team.
4. Working with an amazing graphic designer.
I met Promise Tangeman three years ago and it was love at first site (pun intended). Seriously, the first site I saw designed by her left me smitten. Promise is amazing at taking my ideas and making them come to life in unimaginable ways.
3. Creating a schedule.
I have strict office hours and this allows me to live the life I want. I crave freedom and living life without boundaries, so by adhering to a schedule outlining my work, I know where I can skimp and splurge on life’s special moments. Yes, I take long lunches on occasion and watch midday matinees with my husband, but it’s only because I’ve planned my schedule and know what needs to be done and by when. Here’s a peek at what an average work day looks like for me.
2. Hanging out with people smarter than me.
I’ve met brilliant people as I’ve built my business and they’ve given me the most amazing gift: friendship. Being able to see success unfold for people around me offers a blueprint how I can emulate it in my life and business. They paint vibrant pictures with the same brushes I have, so I’m challenged to color the horizon the way I imagine.
1. Asking my parents for advice.
My parents immigrated to the United States with nothing, so it’s easy for an outsider to hear their accents or judge the color of their skin, but they are incredibly insightful and savvy though neither of them went to college. They provide emotional and spiritual insight which has laid the foundation to the core of who I am, as well as my personal brand. Everything I am is because of their sacrifice, love and devotion.

Hope this helps shed light into my process, but I’d love to hear about yours…if you’d like to share, feel free to holler back in the comment box!