The Boy I Love Today

It happened when I was ten years old. At church of all places. Growing up I was extraordinarily overweight and while I tried to act like ridicule didn't bother me, it did. When most girls my age were borrowing blouses from their older sisters, I was rummaging through my father's closet for a t-shirt to wear. In public. I stood at 5-feet and weighed 171 pounds, most of which coagulated at my belly. I was a tomboy to the core, never letting sticks, stones, or words hurt me. At least on the outside.

Oh, how I loved Shaun. Well, I loved him as any tomboy could love…through punches and nuggies. We'd been going to church together for a couple years and as much as I wanted him to look at me the way he did Stacy, it just never happened. He'd, instead, make fun of me as I ran the bases after a homerun hit, insisting my running was causing an earthquake. Shaun stood on the pitcher's mound with wobbling legs and yell, Take cover…SHE'S running toward you!!

This was the boy I loved when I was ten years old.

Things got ugly one Wednesday night at church. Stacy told Shaun I liked him, causing him to be the brunt of jokes and bruising his delicate ego. I nervously walked into the church classroom and felt everyone staring at me as I took my seat. And then it happened. As I sat, Shaun pulled the chair out from under me and I came crashing to the floor. Staring at the ceiling, I heard boys laughing and Shaun insist I had caused an earthquake. Again.

Thankfully, Shaun is not the boy I love today.

The boy I love today doesn't pull chairs out from under me, he pulls them out for me. In fact, he does even better. Yesterday I received a surprise gift from JD and I nearly cried. Okay, I did. But that's besides the point. After complaining of serious backpain, JD scoured the internet for the perfect ergonomic chair and ordered it for me. After it was delivered, JD placed it at my desk and ushered me (and my bottom) to experience workplace heaven. As he anxiously awaited my response, I thought of Shaun, of the chair pulling, of the laughter. I told JD it was wonderful and I couldn't be happier.

This is the boy I love today.