The Hobbit


Well, it’s Monday and I’m just gonna come out and say it: I threw my back out last week. Oh, and it was ugly. It happened in public and I stood in the front of my gym class hinged at my waist debating melting into the floor or praying for the Rapture to occur. Right then. I grabbed my gym bag and hobbled (yes, hobbled…I looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings in stretch pants) out the door. Then I sat in my car and did lamaze-style breathing to alleviate the pain.

After six visits to the chiropractor, I’m scheduling an appointment with a specialist because the hobbit-look isn’t so cute. I didn’t highlight my back last week because I had an engagement session and a wedding…and I wanted to prove to myself I could get through them. With pain killers. Thankfully, everything went well and JD carried every bit of gear…I could get used to this!

I’m still working and trying to keep my normal pace of life, but sitting at my desk for hours isn’t possible so I’ve been relegated to working on the floor…and Polo seems to love this new arrangement…

Happy Monday, y’all…go give your back a kiss!