When My Feet Fall From Under Me

Last week I performed my latest hip hop routine in the kitchen while we made lunch. Oh my god, are you serious? Please don't say you're serious. YOU'RE SO SERIOUS RIGHT NOW. I ignored JD and continued with my booty bounce, proving I can keep up with the best of them…or at least the instructor at the gym. Hey, Beyonce, your sandwich is getting cold…

I came home yesterday from the hip hop class and told JD I needed to say something to him, but he was never, ever allowed to repeat it. Or use it against me. Pinky promise. Hand to heaven. Fist bump. Okay, I start, there I was, dancing my little heart out thinking of how jealous Lady Gaga would be if she saw me then, when…wait for it…waiiiit for it…I tripped and fell on my face!!!

All I remember was watching myself in the ever-expanding wall mirror topple over. First row, front, and center. BROWN GIRL DOWN…BROWN GIRL DOWN. I swear, I think I saw Lady Gaga run away and claim to have never been my friend in real life. She's so dramatic like that.

So what did you do, JD incredulously asked. I got right back up and continued backin' my thang up, that's what I did. Regardless if my feet fall out from under me, I'm gonna keep moving along…which leads me to another thing…

My feet fell out from under me when JD told me that sometime on January 1, 2012, we sold out of EXPOSED Magazine. I couldn't believe it…and all I want to say is THANK YOU a million times over. I can't fully express how appreciative I am to be entrenched in such an amazing industry and how thankful I've been for the incredible support and feedback. I'm floored. BROWN GIRL DOWN…BROWN GIRL DOWN.

We decided to order a small run of the magazines (if you'd like to be the first to know when they arrive, email help@jasmine-star.com and we'll keep you posted) to arrive in time for WPPI and, hopefully, take a few out with us if we visit a city near you…more on that soon. Until then, keeping backin' that thang up!