5 Types Of Instagram Posts To Increase Engagement

On a scale of 1 – 10, how do you think your posts do at getting your audience’s attention and engagement? 

*The struggle bus is at full capacity right now.*

Well boo boo, there’s plenty of room for you on the Instagram Express!

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When I first started my business, I was desperate for people to know who I was. I wanted to show what made my business special, but it felt like no one paid attention.

>>It wasn’t until I started sharing who I was, in addition to what I did, that made the biggest difference.<<

Using Instagram helped me radically change my approach.

When it comes to using Instagram to build a relationship with your followers to eventually turn them into customers, it is so important to create content that gets followers talking back to you. 

Below are 5 types of Instagram posts that foster engagement and lead to a steady stream of clients and sales!

1. A Personal Experience

There’s something special about the ability to let people in on a time that changed the trajectory of your life or business.  

>>When you humanize your growth (as a person or entrepreneur), it allows followers to connect in a real way.<<

When you can make followers feel like friends, not fans, you’re creating magic. You’ll see the results of sharing your story in no time at all!

2. Asking for Opinions

People are on social media because they want to be, well, *social.* People WANT to participate, they just don’t know how. The easiest way to bridge the gap is to ask for their help.

You can ask for opinions for preferred colors for a new clothing line, what font people prefer as you design your logo, what topics they want to discuss, or even what flavor of cookie your next recipe should be.

Giving them a way to participate is a great way to get the ball rolling!

3. An Introduction

It sounds simple, but the opportunity for people to engage with you is powerful.  Start by telling your followers where you’re from, what you do, and why you do it. 

>>The easiest and most effective way to get interaction is by showing off who you are.<< 

Remember: letting your followers into your life will lead them to trust you. 

4. A Helpful or Valuable Piece of Information

Some of the most popular posts are well-received because followers *learn* something. You are uniquely qualified to share aspects of your business, so be sure to do it in a helpful way!  

Remember: these posts are less about selling your product and more about offering helpful content as a way to build trust with your followers.

5. A New Product or Service Launch

A powerful way to involve your followers on the creation journey is by showing behind-the-scenes or sneak peek photos.  

This way, when it’s time to launch a new product or service, your followers are excited to share with others and engage because they’ve been watching your progress every step of the way!

There you have it, friend: five ways you can grab your audience’s attention and foster connections!

>>The best way to double or triple your following is to connect in a real, authentic way by inviting your tribe on your business journey.<< 

This doesn’t just lead to more followers, it leads to engagement and profitability.

Buttercup, I believe you have something special. You just need a clear plan to show it off. 

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