All of the Answers Are in This Post

It was one of those weeks. Weeks when nothing goes right, and—just when things couldn’t get worse—the coffee machine breaks. It sputters its last breath and the moment arrives when you raise an angry fist clutching an empty mug and think NOT THIS TOO?!?!

It was also the week where I was slated to give two keynote presentations, complete with new content I created, mostly focused on the topic of Mindset Shifts for Growth.

Oh, how ironic.

I talked to my best friend, Melanie, and I expressed how hard things have been. Personal, business, family, team building…despite my best efforts of juggling bowling pins lit on fire, I was dropping them.

Simply put, I told her, I’m disappointed. Mostly in myself.

And to make things worse, I explained, I’m supposed to stand on a stage in front of thousands of people and talk about shifting your mindset during hard times….I don’t want to feel fake, if I’m struggling to do that right now.

I heard the background sounds of honking taxi cabs and Christmas cheer as she walked the streets of New York City.

After a brief pause, she asked, What if you created the keynote for you?

Just like that, I knew she was right.

I was supposed to share the process of being IN a tough spot and still managing to push through…I wasn’t supposed to pretend that I have it together.

Last week, I stepped on two stages and began my keynote the same way: By admitting that I’m actively working through my own mindset for growth in 2024—even when times are tough—and shared my framework to foster empowering beliefs.

I wanted to share this with you in the hope that you, too, can show up as your truest self. You don’t have to know the most/ be the best/ have all the answers when it comes to your business.

Simply share what you know, how you do it, and the lessons you’re learning along the way.

This is a reminder that you’re enough.

You don’t need to feel fake or pretend to be someone you’re not. Speak your truth, stand in your power, and purposeful things will sprout.

To your growth,