Why You Deserve an Apology

It was an entrepreneurial event for females… 

The type of event where brightly colored balloon arches matched the brightly colored tassels hanging from the ceiling, which matched the brightly colored pens and notebooks.

If a Lisa Frank neon calendar came to life, it would be this event.

So you can imagine my surprise when–immediately after I gave the keynote presentation–a guy in the back of the room raised his hand to ask a question… The first question of the Q&A session.

He pushed his beard out of the way as he pressed the microphone to his lips and asked, “So how does it feel to have overcome self-doubt and step into confidence?”

Confused, I looked over my shoulder because, surely, he was asking someone else. But I was the only person on stage. So I apologized.

Why You Deserve an Apology

“I’m so sorry I misled you,” I said with my hands pushed deep into my pockets, “I struggle with self-doubt every day… every single day. I just don’t let it stop me from taking action.”

So that’s why I’m sending this note of apology to you too. 

I’m sorry if I ever came across as someone who springs out of bed with a detailed plan of success, who eats uncertainty for breakfast, and crushes fear like an aluminum can in the palm of my hand.

I’m here to lay it all out in black and white:  

  • I’m a little bit scared a lot of the time (but I don’t quit).
  • I’m unsure if I’m making the right decisions (but I pivot quickly).
  • I do things I don’t like to do (to get where I want to go).

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to business, shall we?

Perhaps we just throw back a daily dose of fear, and uncertainty, and just get it done. Cheers to facing it straight, no chaser.

It’s time, friend. It’s time to show up and do it a little bit scared.

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