Are you Laboring on Labor Day, boo?

So, it’s Labor Day.  For years my response to this national holiday was “YAY?” which is common response from entrepreneurs who run their own business. 

I struggled with the idea of taking time off because I had a continuous trail of post-it To-Do notes around my office, 87 tabs open on my computer, and an inbox full of email giving me dirty looks.

As my business has grown, I’ve made the decision to take time off as needed.  Why?  Because I want a career, not just a job.

A career is long-lasting and empowering.  A job is short-term and exhausting.

The minute I treated my business like my career, I understood the value of prioritizing my work, outsourcing when needed, and enjoying a little notion called HAVING A LIFE.

Is it hard?  Sure, at times.  But the benefit of allowing my mind to rest makes me focused and invigorated to function at gnarly rates of productivity when I’m back in the office.

Today I hope your YAY is followed with a series of exclamation points instead of a question mark.