Attract the Right Audience

It’s a common question I see in my DMs all the time: “How do I attract the right audience and get my ideal client to see my posts?”

My response is always the same: “Do you know who your ideal client is?”

In order to attract the right audience, you must first know who fits that description.

Attract the Right Audience

But, friend, it isn’t enough to have a vague idea in your head. No, you need to get very specific about who your ideal client is and what their life looks like. 

*And I mean verrrrrrry specific.*

>>In fact, the more specific you can make your ideal client avatar, the easier it becomes to attract them.<<

You can’t get too specific. It just isn’t possible, Buttercup.

As you speak directly and clearly to one person – the ideal client whose life you understand inside and out – you’ll be surprised by number of people you’ll attract.

Once you have that kind of clarity, it becomes easy to create content that entertains, educates, and empowers them. And, Hustler, that content is exactly what you need to create to pull them in.

Your content is what establishes you as an authority in your field and a resource that they can know, like, and trust. Far before you ever attract your ideal client, you must first put out content that they need.

Once you start seeing your ideal clients in your followers’ list, you need to open up your ears to listen for their pain points and provide them with the solutions.

>>Build it, and they will come. Change and iterate based on their feedback, and they will stay.<<

How to Create an Ideal Client Profile

Still need help getting that clarity? I have the perfect resource for you, friend! My Ideal Client Workbook is just the thing you need to dial in your ideal client and start attracting people you love to serve! Download it >>HERE,<< then start building the resources they need!