Crestwood Inn Wedding : Lanier+Scott

The house was filled with such beautiful decor it gave the impression it was made from the forest in which it resided. The floor, the ceiling, the chandelier were made of various woods, like the trees that once were took pride in their final form. Lanier's mom glided across the living room with trays of food, or jewelry, or a bouquet of flowers, ensuring her daughter was well taken care of. Because, well, the house was a place of respite and would continue to be on the wedding day.

Their vacation home in Blowing Rock, North Carolina was a special place, but for two memories in particular. A few years ago, Lanier valiantly battled cancer and after being treated by amazing doctors at UNC (Go Tarheels!), she recuperated in her family's cabin. Surrounded by trees and the sounds of birds singing, Lanier promised God to live a beautiful life if she was granted time.

Not only was Lanier granted time, God brought someone special into her life. Once Scott and Lanier met, their lives flipped upside down. Together they inspired their friends and family to shine brightly and give generously, but it wasn't until Scott spent the weekend with her family in their vacation home that he realized Lanier was destined to become his wife.

The trees and the forest on their wedding day reached their arms toward heaven and swayed in delight as two beautiful souls promised each other eternity.

Lanier and Scott, I have no words. To adequately sum up everything you are, the beauty of your day, and the fun of your wedding would be impossible, but what I hope is that these photos document your unadulterated love. Thank you for making us feel like part of the family (your dad invited us for holiday dinners, so don't be surprised if we show up again soon!) and surrounding us in your amazing care. The world is so much better with you two in it. Much Love and Appreciation… j*

Lanier donned a stunning Ines Di Santo gown. She made personal customizations to it with her seamstress for a unique look and I think it was perfectly suited for her! And just look at this stunner of a ring…

Lanier and I tried conspiring to have her dog a part of the wedding, but her father wasn't having any of it…at least she was around for prep photos!

The day started at Lanier's family's vacation home in Blowing Rock, North Carolina and just one weekend in that glorious state and now I swear I have roots there. I'm trying to be Southern without appearing like I'm trying too hard, y'all. And, boom, I failed.

Lanier and her father have such a special relationship…it made me teary-eyed at some points. The ring she is wearing on her right hand was given to her by her father years ago as a promise to wait for the perfect man to become her husband…as a wedding surprise for Scott, she removed one of the diamonds and set it on the inside of his wedding ring. She stayed true to her promise to her father.

The wedding and reception was held at Crestwood Inn and Resort in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. The wedding was supposed to outdoors, but it was pouring rain just hours before the ceremony…lo and behold, when the ceremony started, the sun peeked and made for an amazing background.

Just look how happy Lanier's dad is…

As they walked down the aisle, a choir sang and the sun burst from the clouds…like heaven itself was celebrating too!

Lanier and Scott carved out time for wedding photos and a moment to relax together and now I'm convinced every backdrop for North Carolina wedding photos is just perfect. Amen.

Oh, Lanier, just GO ON with your gorgeous self!

The details and the flow of the wedding day wouldn't have been possible without Ivy Robinson and her effortless coordination and design. She was the hardest working woman at the event and handled everything with such class…loved working with her!

The wedding was filled from top to bottom with so many flowers…it was like walking through the most stunning garden. Ever. Many thanks to John Lupton + Andrew Thomas for the stunning florals.

The First Dance…

I don't even know where to begin to describe this wedding reception…suffice to say, it was so darn amazing I wanted to be a guest!!! The food, the music, the guests…everything was elegant, soul-filling, and perfect.

There aren't enough adjectives I could use to describe my love for The Party Crashers Band. They were flown in from Salt Lake City, Utah for this wedding and they were beyond. Beeeeyond. So much fun!! I couldn't help but shake along with them and they made the night extra amazing!

A perfect way to end a perfect day…

To see more of Lanier and Scott's Crestwood Inn's wedding photos, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow, so or simply view it here:

Wedding Venue: Crestwood Inn and Resort, Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Design + Planning: Ivy Robinson
Floral: John Lupton and Andrew Thomas
Cake: The Art of Cake
Band: The Party Crashers
Makeup + Hair: Jami Svay
Videography: Elysium Productions
Wedding Photography: Jasmine Star