Dallas Engagement Session : Becky+Jeff

They were introduced by a friend, on multiple occasions. Three or four times, perhaps. But it wasn't until Jeff approached Becky at a bar in Uptown Dallas that he saw her, and the glow she possessed. He asked if they'd met before and Becky smiled her sweet smile, responding yes. They spent the night talking until they were the last at the bar and continued their conversation late into the night, under a starry Texas sky.

On that night, Jeff knew she was different; Becky was a candle amongst matches.

He called her shortly thereafter and invited her to join him at a Mavs basketball game on their first date. They don't remember who played, the score, or what they ate because they spent the entire evening talking. In fact, it wasn't until their fourth date that Becky confessed she really wasn't into sports, so they didn't have to spend evenings together courtside. As long as Jeff was there, any place was perfect.

They fell in love in a big, Texas-sized way. She arranges travel plans around the NFL schedule because she loves him, he lets her dress their dogs because he loves her. And they continue to talk and dream of how good life will be when they're husband and wife.

Becky and Jeff are planning to wed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, so we started off their Dallas engagement session at a local Mexican restaurant. Because, really, there are few things better than a midday margarita on a hot day!

I loved how Becky and Jeff planned out their session because it showcased their fun personalities…and also provided a great opportunity for them to incorporate the themed photos into their future wedding website!

Jeff works for an awesome marketing agency in Dallas, so he was always conscious of good lighting…something I wholeheartedly appreciated!

It was SO hot outside (103-degrees…in the shade!), so they cooled down with Mexican soda, Jarritos.

Thankfully the manager turned on the outdoor misters, which cooled the area, but Becky and Jeff kept things hot. Or shall I say EN FUEGO!

After a quick outfit change, a sweet friend brought Becky and Jeff's dogs to the engagement session…too cute!

Yes, that's a miniature mohawk on this pup! 😉

Sometimes a photo happens in between moments…Becky is just one of those girls who is enjoys the moment, and savors the silliness of life…

In spite of the mid-afternoon heat, Becky and Jeff strolled together to get to a beautiful hidden gem at a nearby park…

Many thanks to Maitee Miles for a beautiful job with hair and makeup!

I'll end with this photo because it's a quiet moment of two people in love…and ready to take on Mexico with flair!

Many thanks to Julian Leaver for connecting me to Becky and Jeff…I adore working with amazingly talented friends who'll make the wedding day come to life!