Debuting a NEW website?!

Something crazy happened last week in New York City: I LAUNCHED MY NEW WEBSITE!

Yes, the brand, spanking fresh is live!!

So now that we have the shiny, #blessed, Instagrammable version of debuting this news, let's get to the REAL behind-the-scenes look of how it launched in just six weeks.

Yeah, six.

In May 2023, I was invited to be a guest Mentor for the INC Magazine/The UPS Store “Small Biz Challenge and—knowing it was going to mean a lot of fresh eyes on my website—I needed it in tip-top shape.

Not sure if your website is in tip-top shape? If you kinda, sorta cringe when someone visits it, or if you add an explanation, or if you say it needs to be refreshed…it ain't in tip-top shape.

I should know…my website was in the it's-going-to-be-updated-soon explanation category.

My website hadn't been updated in six years. SIX?!!

You want to know how long six years is? New president. Salt Bae. A global pandemic. Tiger King. NOBODY WEARS SKINNY JEANS ANYMORE.

Six years is a long time to let a brand identity remain untouched.

I was excited to change it all in six weeks. SIX?!!

I hired GoLiveHQ (not an ad/affiliate…just a happy client) and followed their launch plan. I started by creating a Pinterest board, hiring a photographer, booking a photo studio, and scheduling my first call with the design team.

While the photographer was editing photos, I met with a GoLive copywriter to help shape the literary details and finalize sections of the website.

When the design sprint began, it meant Jade (our C.O.O., and my right hand/head/heart) and I poured over designs, copy, and final decisions. We also overhauled my Resources Page, Blog, and Podcast visual branding!

While walking along the High Line in New York City, I got word the site officially launched…and I took a huge sigh of relief.

It wasn't just completing the website that made me most excited, it was the chance to show who I had become in the last six years.


It's my space on the Internet to say, “Hey, friend, I'm happy you're here…let's get to where we want to go. Together.”

I hope you visit today so you can go deeper with my free resources and continue on the journey with me.

Walking Alongside You is an Honor,