DIY Bouquet : How to Make a Bouquet for a Photo Shoot

There've been moments when I've been in a pinch and needed a bouquet for a photo shoot. It could've been because I was on a tight budget or I simply couldn't get a bouquet professionally made in time, but I wanted to share how I made a bouquet on a budget for a recent shoot.

Before you watch the video, please take into consideration that prices for flowers depend heavily on your location and, when possible, use a professional florist since she's best suited to create a stunning bouquet. But if you need to make your own, I hope this helps!

Many thanks to Jen Campbell from Green Wedding Shoes Blog for featuring the video as well…she's such a giver to the wedding industry and desires to help photographers along the way. Adore her!

I made this bouquet in conjunction with a FREE online course I'm teaching this MONDAY at 9am PST on CreativeLive. I'll be showing how I created a $250 Marketing Plan for Photographers. I hope you join! See you on the interwebz soon!