FAQ : Client Gifts + J* Chocolate

Last year at a photography conference, I had the pleasure of meeting with a small group of photographers for an informal Q+A. This event–as simple and non-descript as it was–was one the highlights of my trip. Cramped in a hotel room with 20 photographers reminded me of everything I love and the blessedness of merely connecting with other people. I quickly came down from my high when someone asked if I gave gifts to my clients.

Awww, hold up…why you gotta put me on blast like that?!

The answer was no. No, I hadn't sent gifts to my brides…but not because I didn't want to or didn't think it was important. I just didn't plan properly and I didn't make it a priority. Right there, in that hotel room, I made the promise to send a small gift to my brides to express how much I appreciated them.

It took me a few months, but with the help from the girls at Gifts for the Good Life, we created a small gift to help ring in the New Year. Each box of personalized J* Chocolates was mailed to my 2011 and 2012 brides and here's a sneak peek…

Each box was covered in customized paper filled with personal images from the past year…which included quite a few from our travels and Polo, of course!

In light of New Year's, I ordered customized chocolates filled with champagne ganache…who doesn't appreciate a little bubbly?

It took me five years to finally send gifts, but now I hope to find new ways of incorporating them into my business. I heard of a photographer sending newly signed clients a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne (whoa, he's way fancy), another photographer sending cookies upon the couple's return from their honeymoon, and once I worked with a photographer who sent me to print an 8×10 during the wedding reception and handed the couple the framed photo before she left the wedding. Regardless of a photographer's budget, thoughtfulness goes a long way in business…even if it's a hand-written note.

After opening my box of chocolates, I'm excited for what 2012 has in store and I hope it's just the start of many sweet memories.