Fear + Ambition

Yesterday I asked the following question on Facebook and Twitter: How would your behavior change if you knew SUCCESS was guaranteed? The conversations that resulted were fascinating. By and large, the two most common responses were:
1. I'd be fearless.
2. I'd take more risks.

I slowly realized that most business owners/creatives struggle with the same thing and while it made me feel less alone in my Wage Against the Worry (which could also be the name of a band I'd start if I could sing without breaking glass), I also realized fear is the thief of ambition.

A lot of people stated if success was guaranteed, they'd be more confident, enjoy the process of growing, and have fun along the way. But an important thing to remember is if you're NOT confident, NOT enjoying the process, or NOT having fun, success will be much harder to attain.**

So often we hide behind the fear of failure and vulnerability, but it robs us of diving in without worry. Simply put: fear, worry, and risklessness slows our progress. If you want your business/art/dream/passion to grow, throw caution to the wind and believe success is a foregone conclusion. This liberty will empower you to work hard, but enjoy the journey as well.

Fearless and Risky,

(**There isn't a singular definition of success. Each of us must define our own version of success, so we can celebrate the moment when it arrives…but also be ready to redefine success so we can keep growing.)