Featured On Create and Cultivate

The Internet is a big place, but there are small places that make it feel like home.  One such hub is Create and Cultivate.  It's a movement for women to create and cultivate the career of their dreams, so I was honored to be interviewed as part of their Profile Series.

Writer Karin Eldor asked me some awesome questions, so here's a sneak peek of what you'll find in the entire article HERE.

C+C: What advice would you give to others who are looking to change careers? 
Release yourself from people's expectations of your decisions.
If you're looking for people to “get” you or applaud your career-switching decisions, you may be searching for a long time.  The vast majority of people are afraid of trying something new, but–more so–afraid of failing publicly.  Most people don't want to be vulnerable and run the risk of closing the doors to a dream.
Your responsibility isn't to handle the naysayers, nor is it to convince others that your decision is right.  Your only job is to do what you've been created to do.  You must stand in the rightness of your vision and let your success silence their doubts.
C+C:  Any words of encouragement about the daily hustle? 
When you're down, get up.
Take breaks when you need them.
Exercise everyday.
Make time to read.
Call your mom.
Invest in good coffee.