A Full-Circle Moment

We recently rented a studio in Brea, California to shoot photos for Social Curator.

Only 0.6 miles down Imperial Boulevard from the studio is a restaurant called Lucille's Barbecue.

Why does a restaurant matter? *Great question.* 

When I was preparing to go to law school, I took a job waitressing at a place called Lucille's.

*Yes, this very Lucille’s.*

A Full-Circle Moment

As I drove past that restaurant 15 years later on my way to the photoshoot, I took a look at my old place of work and said, “Thank you, God.”

Because not too long ago, I was a girl slinging ribs, serving up some back porch lemonade, and doling out banana cream pie to save money for law school. 

*A career path which I later realized I never wanted.*

>>Now, 15 years later, I have a career I love, a small family I adore, and big dreams to keep moving forward.<<

It feels so good to have a full-circle moment as a reminder of not only where I’ve been but also where I’m going.

That job that got me to this place.

>>I express gratitude for the humble beginnings, and I express gratitude for the even better future.<<

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