Is Your Passion A Hobby Or A Business?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if your passion is something you should turn into a business? 

Or maybe you wonder if it should remain something you do for fun with no strings attached?

I know it can be overwhelming to consider all the possibilities, but I have great news:

>>You get to choose your own adventure, and I want to help you start today!<<

Is Your Passion a Hobby or Business?

Let’s begin by answering 3 simple questions to determine whether what you’re passionate about should be a hobby or become a business:  

  1. Is your talent something other people would want to pay for?  
  2. If so, who would want to buy this product or use this service?  
  3. Finally, and most importantly, does the thought of selling your product or service light you up and bring you joy?

I bet you knew the answer as soon as I asked the last question. You knew deep down what the answer has always been. 

>>If your gut reaction was yes, then you should make your side hustle a legitimate business!<<

If the thought of selling your product or service did not light you up, or maybe you just like the little extra income it brings in or the things you learn along the way, then you should keep it as a hobby… at least for now. 

Once you’ve made the decision, here are 3 questions to help you take action on the path you’ve chosen, regardless of the direction you’re headed:

  1. What do you need or want from this adventure? 

Once you know what you NEED, it’ll act as a reminder of WHY you’re choosing to pursue it, even on the hard days.

  1. What boundaries can you put in place to make sure it continues to be fun and serve you, your purpose, and those you’re providing value to? 

This will ensure you don’t burn out or resent pursuing it.

  1. What’s the endgame of this adventure?

If it’s a business: Decide what the endgame is. Where do you want it to go?

>>It’s okay to dream. It’ll actually help you make decisions today based on where you dream of being in the future.<<

If it’s a hobby: What does it need to be for you? You might be okay with it just being something that brings you joy and doesn’t provide an income – that’s fine! 

The goal with this question is for you to be at peace with your decision and to know where your business or hobby is going.

*See friend? You’ve chosen your own adventure!* 

Now you should know if your passion is a business or a hobby, and what you want out of the experience that best serves you and your goals.

>>Give yourself permission to commit to either a business or a hobby. The sooner you choose what it is, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of the process.<<

Sure, you might not be where you want to be right now, but once you know where you’re heading, you can enjoy the ride. 

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