Getting invite-only access for you

I recently spoke at a Mastermind, and you might think I was cool as a cucumber, but I mostly felt like a fried pickle.

I'm always nervous before I speak, but in a room full of smart, successful, established CEOs, I was downright intimidated.

In 2018, I sat in a Mastermind and raised my hand to nervously ask the host a question, “How can I get into invite-only Masterminds?” (This is a slightly elevated way of asking how to sit at the Cool Kids cafeteria table in junior high school.)

The host spoke slowly into the mic and said, “DO. COOL. S#!T.”

He went on to explain that the way you get into an invite-only room is by doing something other people aren't. That's it.

Last week, a member of the mastermind I host asked a similar question:

But the crazy thing is that I didn't give her the same answer that I was given five years ago. I, instead, told her to share what she knows.

It's no longer about just doing cool stuff, but also sharing HOW you're doing it. Even if it feels insignificant.

In comparison to the other speakers at the Mastermind I spoke at last week, my keynote session was rudimentary (Mergers&Acquisitions, wealth-building with investment properties, changing landscapes with dynamic ad placement…then I walked on the Beverly Wilshire stage in Beverly Hills to talk about content creation with a small team).

Yup, me and all of my fried pickle glory.

I'm sharing this because I believe—deeply—that how you get invited into new rooms or circles is by sharing what you know and doing so consistently.

You want to punch in a different weight class, or play in the big league? Create, do it in cool ways, and share it.

Speaking of which, I recorded this keynote session and will share it on YouTube soon (been adding new videos every week on my channel!), but until then, I'm sharing My Four Building Blocks to Creating Meaningful Relationships with Entrepreneurs (which I use at events and know will be helpful) on my >>podcast HERE<<.

I hope this note serves as a reminder that you have something special to share with the world, and to be encouraged to continue sharing until doors to closed rooms fling open for you at the perfect time.

Perfectly pickled,