Will I see you in London?

How can I compress 14 years into a single story? A story that begins with an email from a stranger, leads me to Syracuse, New York in 2009, and now leads me to giving a keynote presentation in England?

Perhaps I'll start backwards as a way to prove that every connection (despite how simple they initially appear) can lead to massive opportunities. I was invited to speak at Entrepreneurs Marketing Conference this September 19-21 in England hosted by Marcus Murphy, and his business partners.

You might know Marcus—the same guy who serves as my podcast co-host today on The Jasmine Star Show—as a business owner, amazing speaker, hilarious conversationalist, but I first met him via email.

I share our detailed origin story on my podcast today, but he's become a dear friend and a constant supporter.

We met at his wedding in 2009, where JD and I flew to document his nuptials to his beautiful wife, Gina.

There in rainy Syracuse, New York, I didn't know Marcus would soon sit on a rocket ship through Silicon Valley start-ups, conference building, and then starting a string of successful businesses.

Back then, I had just started my photography career, and he was, well, in-between jobs…but whenever we spoke, I knew he was destined for great things.

Marcus would send me beautifully written emails as he helped plan his wedding day, so by the time I arrived to photograph his big day, we felt like friends.

Marcus knew I loved to dance, so at the end of a long wedding day—just before JD and I were slated to leave—Gina asked their deejay to play California Dreaming and they dragged us onto the dance floor to celebrate their day with them.

Little did I realize our paths would continue to intersect like a weaving constellation.

As our lives and careers evolved, we found ourselves speaking at the same conferences and Marcus readily opened doors to new opportunities for me, never expecting anything in return (he's the catalyst to scoring this MSNBC interview for me back in 2017).

He's since invested in many businesses and currently serves as CEO for his own company, in addition to hosting Entrepreneurs Marketing Conference in Brighton, England…WHERE I WILL BE SPEAKING!

I started this note explaining how connections—no matter the size—are the best things we can create as business owners, and I would love the chance to connect with you at this conference (the only marketing conference I'll be speaking at this year).

Marcus gave me a 30% DISCOUNT on admission (not an affiliate code…just a homie hookup), so be sure to use STAR30 at checkout: www.emc2023.com.

JD, Luna, and I will be traveling together, so if we get the chance to meet in-person, we'd love to have a spot of tea, a crumpet, and a plate of bangers and mash.