Prickly parts of leadership

The crazy thing about leadership is that it looks great on other people, like a tailored suit, complete with matching handkerchief and socks.

But when I try it on, I look like I'm sitting on the couch in a Snuggie.

I read about leadership, and study the greats, but when I'm faced with the opportunity to rise like George Washington leading his troops across the Potomac, I turn into a Vaudeville version of a visionary.


I distract, deflect, and use humor to avoid grappling with tough decision making in the moment.

Last week my mentor, Susan, met with our leadership team to strategize projects and plans for the remainder of the year and Q1 2024.

I had ideas! plans! promotions! to outline for her, but she stopped me in my tracks and flipped the script. No, no, that will not be how this day will unfold.

I'll share more about what she said in a future note, but—for now—I want to show what it looks like to lead in the process of learning.

I'm drawn to people who share their process and business insights, and I've been profoundly impacted by the few (courageous) leaders who expose the prickly parts of running a business. So that's what I'm doing here today…I'm sharing a note I wrote to the leadership team the day after our meeting with Susan.

I'm doing this to document my journey, but—mostly—doing this to show the process of growing, so you can learn from my lessons and show up valiantly under pressure.


One day I'll look back at this note and thank myself for being willing to do the hard work to change, innovate, and push past my comfort zone.

Right now the team is running all projects AND are building new ones, while gently nudging me to take some time to define a clearer vision of the future.

I can't wait to share what we're working on but—for now—I'm scheduling a sabbatical at the end of the month (no phone, no computer, just me alone in nature…WHO AM I?!) to return with a fresh perspective on making bold decisions for the future.

Until then, I'm honored to be on this journey together.