Half Moon Bay Wedding : Esther+Jeff

Jeff is the type of guy who sees the big picture, plays the long game, gets what he wants. It could be his magnetic smile or effortless charm, but his friends know he's the go-to guy to make things happen. This could probably explain how Jeff approached Esther while she was on a date with someone else and believed she'd agree to join him at a later point in time.

And here's the kicker: she did.

Esther was dining with a first-time date at an Ethiopian restaurant in San Francisco when Jeff walked through the door. Their eyes met, but they each went back to their respective conversations. Later that evening, Jeff made his way to the bar where Esther sat and chatted with her, which led to the exchange of phone numbers.

In a city as big and bright and loud as San Francisco, it couldn't contain Jeff's ability to find the one girl who encourages him to be even bigger, brighter, and louder. Together they've taken the city by storm.

Esther and Jeff, thank you for welcoming me into the place you call home. The Bay Area is sweeter because you're in it and it was an honor documenting your love. To be surrounded by your amazing friends and family was a perfect way to celebrate such a perfect day! Hope you're enjoying Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan…and, Jeff, be sure you use those cool poses I taught you with Esther as your official photographer! 😉 Much Love and Appreciation… j*

The wedding day started at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, just outside of San Francisco…Esther is a self-proclaimed shoe addict, so when she saw these pink shoes, they beckoned her to don them on her first day as a wife!

Esther wore a Casablanca wedding dress and surrounded herself with the most amazing bridesmaids…

Jeff's smile lit up an extra bright day while he waited for the ceremony to begin…

Esther and Jeff married against the stunning landscape of the Pacific Ocean…

Being able to photograph wedding photos in Half Moon Bay was a total delight…every square inch of the cliffs and beach was truly stunning!

Esther made a radiant bride…

The best part of working with amazing clients is their trust and willingness to climb cliffs for the right wedding photo…Esther and Jeff were the BEST!

The combination of sunset, the Pacific Ocean, and the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay made for a picturesque moment on a perfect wedding day!