How to Create a Productive Work Schedule

There are these moments in life that I look back to and ask myself, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?

I try to be as loving as possible (well, because, my yoga instructor believes that loving yourself keeps you ageless and I'm all, like,  let's avoid Botox and namaste the wrinkles away!), but it isn't always that easy.

It's mostly because there are times when I wish I didn't allow myself to stay STUCK for as long as I was.

A big turning point in my life and business was the opportunity to organize my work schedule.  I wanted a productive work schedule, something that helped me get a lot of things done and maximize the hours in my day.

[Real Talk: Please tell me I wasn't the only person who looked at other people and envied their ability to cram 37 hours of work into a 24-hour day and still managed to Instgram the homemade dinner they placed on their perfectly coiffed table!]

When I made the decision to change my behavior and create a PLAN and STRATEGY focused on work productivity, my life changed.

This video explains exactly how I create a work schedule…and you can download my Productivity Planner >>HERE<< for free!