How to Get More Blog Traffic…and Grow Your Network

I've heard the following a thousand times before:  Blogs are dead.  If that's the case, you may find me running after them with defibrillator.  CLEAR!!  [zap]

Why?  Because that's like saying long-form content is dead.  And it's not.  Sure, micro-blogging (like updates on Facebook and Instagram) have changed how information in consumed, but there's need for both.  Social media platforms aren't made for long posts, but blogs are best suited to share thoughtfully curated information in the fullest way.

If you'd like to learn how I've used my blog to grow my business and social media platforms, feel free to watch this video.

The major takeaway from this blog post?  Create content your readers find valuable, helpful, and interesting.  As a result, they'll share what you have to say and create an experience for your business.  And that?  That right there is gold.