How to Hire Your First Team Member

Are you ready to make your first hire?

Hold up…you may never FEEL ready. There’s always a certain level of fear and doubt that may prevent us from stepping into our true potential, but that’s not what I mean. 

*I want to know if you are ACTUALLY ready to start building a team for your small business by looking at the facts, yo!* 

I remember feeling lost and scared when it came time to hire our first team member.

Looking back, all I think is WHY DIDN’T I HIRE SOONER?!

>>Someone once told me that if you want to go fast, go alone…But if you want to do something BIG, do it with a team.<<

Although you may FEEL overwhelmed or you THINK you can handle everything on your own, there are some tell-tale signs that it’s actually time to start building a team for your small business. 

In order to help you decide, I’m going to list a series of statements and if you find yourself nodding along to 3 or more of them, you’re ready to make your first hire. Are you ready?

  1. My business cannot expand further without some assistance. 
  2. I’m turning work down because I cannot handle the workload.
  3. I can think of at least 3 tasks in my business that could be passed on to someone else.
  4. My business is financially sound and making a consistent profit.
  5. I’m missing skills or knowledge that would benefit my business.
  6. I’m spending a lot of time on small, non-vital tasks.

So, how did you do? Is it simply not your time to build a team (which is a-okay, Buttercup!), or are you feeling excited and ready to get help in your business?

If you did find yourself nodding your head while reading those statements and want to explore what the process would be like to start hiring a team for your small business, keep reading!

Here are 3 steps to hiring your first team member:

  • First, you’re going to need to outline your new team member’s roles and responsibilities by figuring out what you spend most of your time doing that can be passed on to someone else. (Hint: just because you CAN answer emails, book appointments, or keep track of your finances, doesn’t mean you SHOULD… catch my drift?)
  • Then, it will be time to create a job opportunity page to receive applications, and interview potential candidates for the role. During this process, there are a few specific things to look for: personality, qualifications, and adaptability.
  • And finally, once you have figured out who your new team member will be, it will be time to welcome them on to your team. A well thought-out onboarding process leads to fewer questions, clear expectations, and less overwhelm for your new hire, so please don’t skip this step!

If you’re wondering how you’re going to keep track of all this, I gotchu, friend! 

My free guide, How to Make Your First Hire for Your Small Business, is going to walk you through ALL of these steps, including the best way to define your new team member’s roles and responsibilities, where and how to create a job opportunity page to receive applications, what questions to ask potential candidates in interviews, and how to onboard your new team member properly.

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