How to Take the BEST Photos In the WORST Location

Who’s ready to get scrappy for creative content?

*I see you raising your hand, Buttercup!*

>>If you’re willing to do the work, get your hands dirty, and show up for your audience no matter what it takes, the following video walks you through how I took photos of myself in a corporate parking lot.<<

I *totally* get the frustration of living a boring life (I wish I could blame COVID, but I’m a hermit on most days!).

However, as business owners, part of our job is to create content. Period.

I hope you find the following tips helpful, including:

  1. Finding the best selfie light in a parking lot
  2. How to use the camera timer for selfies
  3. Sitting in the suck and not giving up

With these tips, a little elbow grease, foliage for decoration, and natural light, you too can take the BEST photos in the WORST locations.

What are you waiting for? Click the video below and check it out!