How to Use Instagram Stories for Engagement

Let’s be real: I am SO awkward on camera.

*Or at least I FEEL awkward!*

Can you relate, boo?

Despite my insecurities, I have recently been increasing my engagement and growing my business by using Instagram stories.

*And if it’s working, I don’t care how awkward I feel… I’m going to keep using this tool for my business. And you should too!*

Now you may be saying, “Jasmine, I already post Instagram stories and they don’t work for my business!”

But friend, there is a difference between being on Instagram stories and using Instagram stories to strategically uplevel your business.

Today I’m going to give you 3 tips (to follow along with your next 3 story slides) on how to use Instagram stories for engagement. Let’s dive in!

Set the Scene

When someone is scrolling through their feed, they are wondering “What’s in it for me?” On the first slide, tell your audience what they can expect from the following stories in a way that encourages them to continue watching.

Share Your Insights

The best stories serve your audience with what they need to hear in that moment. I like to share 2 or 3 tips or insights in my stories that help my audience get to know me better, learn more about what I do, or how my business serves them. *The secret ingredient? Serve, serve, serve!*

Give Them A Way to Engage

The key to using Instagram stories for engagement is to ask for it! Use stickers for your audience to vote on a poll, answer or ask a question, or send you a DM. The more you encourage them to respond, the quicker you will see results in your engagement.

Friend, I hope this helped you increase your confidence on Instagram stories.

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