I Can Predict Your Future with This Lil Trick

As a child, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I simply copied what other kids said. I lived in a blue-collar neighborhood, so most responses related to what our parents did.

Responses were varied from truck drivers to secretaries to gardeners.

I lived in a neighborhood where aspirations were limited to what we saw, not to what we dreamed.

Years later I still struggle with dreaming.

On the most daring mornings, I dream of simply making what I have into more. But where is the courage in more of the same? Where is the magic in safety?

When I started my first business, I dreamed of working from home and being a photographer. That was my entire dream.

While they are perfectly fine aspirations, I didn’t have the audacity to dream of working with my husband in a home we own, traveling together, being one of the top photographers in the world, and being a business strategist for other entrepreneurs.

I couldn’t dare to dream that big.  Who was I to dream with such incredulity?

I now realized I asked the wrong question. What I should’ve asked was: Who am I NOT to audaciously dream?

No one will give me the permission to aspire for more than what is available to me, so I must grant it to myself. And you must do the same.

  • Who are you NOT to dream so big it scares you?
  • Who are you NOT to dare to pursue curiosity?
  • Who are you NOT to say you are worth investing in?

It’s okay to dream big. In fact, I hope you do. The world needs a gift only you can give.