Please avoid my business mistakes…here’s HOW

There’s something new brewing, and after eight months of creation, I cannot wait to debut it.

…okay, okay…okay, okay, okay…how do I explain it?!!

Have you ever started dating a person and you’re so insanely smitten that everything they do is darn near perfect?

Their sneeze, adorable.  Their snaggletooth, endearing.  The way they eat salad with ranch dressing and even though it ends up on their lower lip you think, perfection.

THAT is how I feel about what I’m about to share.  I wanna take my index finger and boop! the end of its nose, and wear its varsity jacket.

My husband was almost jealous…but he quickly got over it because he wished we had it when we created our digital offers over a decade ago.

You see, I made 27,937 mistakes as I grew my business.  Actually, double that.  Times seven.  To the Nth power.

(That’s a math joke for the billions of mistakes I wish I could’ve avoided had I just known more.)

And here’s the worst part:  I see SO many entrepreneurs make the same mistakes.  Again and again.

I want to share what MISTAKES TO AVOID as you make your offer, so this is your personal invite to How to Double Your Revenue in 60 Days with a Proven Launch Plan.

Save your seat >>here<< so I can show you the exact 4 pillars that I use for my 7-figure launches.  You’ll learn:

  1. My secrets to creating a sales page that keeps your offer flying off the digital shelf
  2. Exactly what you need to create a masterclass that converts to sales
  3. The key to building an email funnel that converts your readers (and never bores them)
  4. My step-by-step framework for defining crystal-clear key conversion messaging

Also you’ll receive a free gift from me…when you show up LIVE, you’ll get access to Your Short Term Revenue Toolkit: my resource for making $$$ fast.

I’m certain you’ll walk away from this masterclass with action items that’ll change your business and—dare I say it—your life.


Ranch dressing on my lower lip,


P.S. Speaking of prom, my husband and I went together in high school…he’s now my husband, and business partner!