Not embarrassed: standing by our decision

She said I could use her name, her story.  She isn’t embarrassed.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Angie wants to share her journey—our journey—with you so you don’t have to repeat the difficult steps leading to the same place.  Again and again.

Angie joined my mastermind in February 2023, and her bright energy was infectious.  Everyone was drawn to her magnetism and big vision.

During our retreat in Newport Beach, Angie began her Hot Seat by asking the group for feedback and insights on her launch model.

She launched digital courses for branding photographers and built a 6-figure business, but—despite her best efforts—each launch seemed to cap off at the same amount.

No matter what she did, what she changed, or how many ads she ran, her net revenue was the same.

When Angie deconstructed her launch model, the group gave amazing feedback, and inspired Angie to create a new offer along the way (which ended up being the biggest launch in her business!).

But I saw a GAP IN HER STRATEGY…and couldn’t fix it on my own.

I silently made notes and asked myself how Angie could strategically up-level her email marketing funnel.  Then I asked a bigger question:

  • How could I help thousands of business owners build a proven, converting email sales funnel without stress, overwhelm, and a tech background?

Before I answer that in great detail (oh, and the answer is juuuuicy), I need to explain that an email sales funnel is just one of four parts to how I create multi-million dollar launches.

I reached out to Angie to let her know I figured out how to make her biggest launch, well, even bigger.  And I want to share it with you, too.

Join me live so I can show you the exact 4 pillars that I use for my 7-figure promotional plans.  You’ll learn:

  1. My secrets to creating a sales page that keep your offer flying off the digital shelf
  2. Exactly what you need to create a masterclass that converts to sales
  3. My step-by-step framework for defining crystal-clear key conversion messaging
  4. The key to building an email funnel that converts your readers (and never bores them)

Also you’ll receive a free gift from me…when you show up LIVE, you’ll get access to Your Short Term Revenue Toolkit: my resource for making $$$ fast.

Save >>your seat<< in my live upcoming class (How to Double Your Revenue in 60 Days with a Proven Launch Plan) where I explain—exactly—how I’ve created a proven, converting email sales funnel totally personalized for your business, along with my other pillars.

Angie will be watching the class live with you…come and join the party so you can create your biggest launch ever in 2024.

From repeating difficult steps to creating big revenue plans,