Insider Look My ‘24 Marketing Strategy

Well, well, well…we're back and maybe, probably, most-likely 7.9 pounds heavier after a four-day holiday weekend, stuffing ourselves with copious amounts of turkey and all the fixings.

(Shout out to my fellow vegetarians who gobble-gobbled on green beans and cranberry sauce…if you don't do cranberry sauce ARE YOU EVEN LIVING??)

For those staying up to date with changes to my content and creation process (you likely have not, but I wrote that to feel cool, and give my dad a shout out who reads every newsletter), I wanted to give you…prepare your heart…

A real-life look at what it means to revamp a marketing strategy.

If you've ever wanted to sit in on a content creation meeting and see revealing/awkward/painful discussions of why my video content isn't working as well as it should could, this is for you.

I created a vlog for my YouTube channel which includes:

  • Data, analytics, and new key performance indicators we're using to measure progress.
  • A 2024 content creation goal, and HOW we'll achieve it.
  • I spilled the tea about behind-the-scenes access to an invite-only mastermind I attended.
  • A clear plan to follow along, if you want to create scrappy videos for your business.

Also, even if this behind-the-scenes vlog doesn't interest you, we're still creating a lot of new videos each week…check them out >HERE<, where you'll also find the videos for my recent podcast episodes.

Like always, I hope you find the content I'm creating helpful…if you have ideas of what you'd like for us to create next, drop me a line. Always honored to get feedback from you.

Cranberry sauce for life,