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When was the last time you felt lit up in business, she asked me.  She stared at me from across the table, blowing into her green tea.

There were a few highlights to choose from (starting with my podcast, finding my mentor, etc.), but it wasn’t, exactly, right.

My favorite memories were focused, well, on me.  When I searched for a time when I was lit up in business–inside, out–I thought back to 2016.

I started a Facebook group dedicated to teaching how business owners could improve their social media marketing.

Tens of thousands joined this group and it felt like summer camp (minus the friendship bracelets and rousing renditions of kumbaya).

We rallied together with focused effort, dedication, and desire to find a group of… WEIRDOS.

A little offensive?  Maybe.  But it doesn’t make it less true.

When you become ruthlessly obsessed with something, you’re an oddity.  Set apart.  Most people spend their lives desperately trying to fit in, but that group?  Well, we were focused on sticking OUT.

Good marketing was meant to be different, so our aim was to gather around other people who were willing to do just that.  Together.

But I shut down that group in 2017, and haven’t hosted a public group since…well…since today.


I’m honored to invite you to my free pop-up group, Ultimate Revenue Bootcamp, a place for us to be ruthlessly obsessed with increasing our revenue in 2024.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook community, packed with business owners ready to make moves in 2024
  • 4 live sessions (with Q&A!) designed to set a clear plan of action for your financial growth (we’re talking about everything from money mindset to productivity and timelines to making sure your offer is crystal clear)
  • Practical action steps via the Revenue Bootcamp Blueprint: a series of guided prompts to set your clear action plan

Join me for four live sessions focused on doubling your revenue.  Call me a WEIRDO.  But be sure to amend that description to 2X WEIRDO at the end of the year, m’kay?


I can’t wait to see you in the group…and watch you double your revenue,