Junk on the Brain

Sometimes my mother calls me just to vent, to be a listening ear when she needs it. Often time I have nothing of value to offer her and hardly respond with words of wisdom, but she just sighs, says thank you, and then hangs up. That's it. All she needed was someone to listen and nod.

I'm definitely my mother's daughter because sometimes all I want is someone to reach out and say, I feel you, boo

In light of this, here's the junk floating in my mind:
*Sometimes I wear workout clothes in hopes of making it to the gym, but it doesn't work as well as I hope.
*I talk to my dog as much as I talk to my husband. Is that weird?
*I secretly wish Beyonce would teach me how to flip my hair. And how to dance in spandex and heels.
*In case you feel bad about being lazy, I iron my collar with hair straightener. You're welcome.
*I made potato salad for a Super Bowl party and my friends were impressed. This makes me happy and embarrassed.
*Sometimes I buy new socks instead of washing my dirty socks.
*I'm going on a weeklong cleanse (which I'm secretly hoping includes donuts).
*Every day I pray for the child we hope to have in our future.
*We're going to Cabo San Lucas next week and I only plan to pack books. Nothing else. Just lots of books.
*I'm learning how to sit and accept that life might not go as planned, but enjoying the process is just as important as enjoying the outcome.
*I bought seven Valentine's day cards for my husband because I couldn't decide which I liked best.
*I text my dad and force him to admit I'm his favorite child.
*I wonder if I'm a magician at the rate I make bobby pins disappear.
*I write lists to avoid actually getting started on my work day.

Many thanks to my pal Mikaela for snapping this photo from our beach time this weekend…here's to hoping every day feels like Saturday!