My 2019 Hashtag Strategy

I share everything I know about Instagram and I don’t believe in secrets… Why?

Because we ALL have something unique to share. We create value simply by speaking our truth and SHOWING people how to do it.

>>So often Instagram is filled with look-at-me content instead of let-me-show-you content… And this last subtle difference creates friends, not followers.<<

I share everything I know about Instagram because I want FRIENDS (you, yes you!) to believe you can leverage this platform to get you closer to your dreams.

One of the best ways I know how to encourage you to make genuine connections on Instagram and spread your message is to use hashtags to connect with your ideal client.

But of course, hashtag strategies are always changing.

  • 2017: Instagram says to use as many hashtags as we want, we use 50+ hashtags, and then the algorithm changes.
  • 2018: Next, they tell us to use 5-10 hashtags, we use half a dozen, and just as we’re getting comfortable they take it back.
  • 2019: ?

>>It’s hard to connect with our ideal client when the strategy has to keep changing.<<

That’s why, my friend, I am going to tell you what MY 2019 hashtag strategy is.

No games, no guessing… In fact, it’s not even a theory.

In 2019, Instagram encourages us to use 30 hashtags.

However, they don’t want us to use hashtags that do not pertain to the subjects in the photo.

**So if you’re laying out on the beach and you want to get more eyes on your profile so you hashtag Kim Kardashian but Kim ain’t in the photo, that’s a red flag to Instagram boo boo.**

Now, you know how MANY hashtags to use…

You know WHAT hashtags to use…

You’re probably wondering WHERE do you put them?

Instagram says it doesn’t matter if you put hashtags in the caption or in the comments.

For me, I’m a photographer which means aesthetics matter. *I don’t want 30 hashtags all up in my caption, you know what I’m sayin’?*

My solution is when I want my audience to GO to a hashtag and check out what I’m doing, I’ll put it in the caption.

The other 29 will go in the comments because although they are related to what I’m doing, my followers are not wanting to click on them. These hashtags will allow my ideal client to find me.

Simply, here is my strategy:

  • Hashtags in the caption: I want to direct traffic to that.
  • Hashtags in the comments: I want to insert myself into those social conversations.

So friend, did that make sense? Do you feel more comfortable with your hashtag strategy this year? 

I’m here to support you through all the Instagram theories and algorithm changes, so please let me know your questions in the comments below.

Hooray for hashtags,