Politeness, maple leaves, and 800 Promises

It's Friday morning and I'm sitting in Vancouver totally blown away. By two things: 1. 800+ photographers openly shared how they planned on changing the photo community in 2012; and 2. Canadians are so polite! I mean, these people don't mess around with their manners, eh? (And, yes, they say eh even though few actually admit they say it). I randomly want to start hugging everyone, but JD told me their behavior is the norm. Oh, THE NORM like he's a walking maple leaf himself or something.

Oh! Back to the website giveaway! Many, many thanks to those who entered and I sincerely hope we stay true to what we can give back with our talents, regardless of whether a free website is on the line. Eight hundred photographers can change the industry in a year. That's powerful…let's make it happen!

Congratulations to Julie Riddle of Riddle Road Photography for her winning entry:
I am a sixth grade math teacher/photographer extraordinaire. I work in a school where the majority of my students live in poverty. I am just starting in my photography adventure and I have already decided that this school year, I am going to photograph portraits for each of my students. This will be a gift that I give to my students and their families. Sixth grade is a special time when kids can still be kids, a time right before middle school where things tend to get complicated. Throughout their lives, I hope my students will peek back at these portraits and smile.

I just want to let everyone know I read every comment. Every.single.one. I always read every comment and for those who participated yesterday–or leave comments in general–thank you. Makes me feel like we're friends, eh?

Happy Friday!