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How to Shoot a First Look

Every couple I photograph is as unique as their personalized wedding day. They've chosen a venue to represent their love, a place that embodies the spirit of their union. If they opt to see each other before the ceremony, it's important that I (the photographer) orchestrate an optimal experience for both bride and groom. There isn't, of course, one way to make such a moment happen, but this video showcases the way it unfolded for one special couple. I've discovered that choosing the location in advance, taking the groom's portrait before the bride arrives—so as to meter for light before they see each other—and educating the clients all helps to create a perfect story-telling environment for this crucial moment in the wedding day.

Running time: 7:23 minutes



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I wouldn’t say we were business nerds but my husband just sent me a Slack message asking me to call him.

If you need me, just follow the trail of empty La Croix cans around my house.

"Margaritas make me sound smarter, dance better, sound amazing, and look like Shakira...