Should I Change to Instagram Business Account?

You guyzzzzz.  I'm walking around the airport like everything is fine, but deep down inside my boot, my sock is sliding off.  Send help, as soon as possible.  To get my mind off things, let's chat about Instagram business accounts, m'kay?

With all the big changes at Instagram lately, I’ve been asked if I’ll be switching my Instagram account from personal to business.  And I’ll cut straight to the point:  No.  (At least not now).

The new option for a business profile is lovely and wonderful, but it’s not a fit for my business.  Here’s why: the most powerful features for this change just doesn’t apply to my business.  And I highly encourage you to figure out if it applies to yours.

One of the most powerful features is the CONTACT button, which customers can tap to get a phone number (to call or text), an email, or directions to a retail location.  While this is wonderful, I don’t think it outweighs the cost of changing your account classification.


The Instagram algorithm (must like Facebook’s algorithm) constantly changes and I have no doubt that since Instagram posts are no longer seen in a chronological order, the Instagram business accounts will be indexed the same way Facebook business pages are (i.e. like a house guest who’s stayed too long).

Facebook’s most recent algorithm changes cited indexing Facebook Pages lower and highlighting posts from friends/family on a person’s home feed.

This algorithm change has really affected my organic reach and engagement on my Facebook page [insert sad emoji face here], and my biggest worry is that the same thing can happen if I change my personal Instagram account to a business account.

Would it nice for new Instagram followers to be able to contact me within the app?  Yes.  Am I impressed with the ease of promoting a post within a business account on Instagram?  Yes.  But I’m not willing to sacrifice the status of my account being indexed as my followers’ friends and family.  Framily, y’all.

I’m paying attention to each update and as things change, I’ll be sure to update my opinions along the way.  Holler at me if you see the changes differently because I love getting to discussions/conversations/conversations/ with my internet framily.  😉

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