The 80/20 Rule of Building A Business

Are you ready to take your passion, put it out into the world, and make money off of it?

>>Running a business means that you’re so passionate about what you do that you want to make money from it.<<

But here’s the thing Buttercup, making money by doing what lights you up requires a clear idea of what that means.

When I first started dreaming about being a photographer, I had immaculate visions of what my life would look like.

  • I’d get to travel the world to shoot wherever I wanted.
  • I’d take my camera everywhere and casually shoot photos whenever I wanted.
  • People would be banging on my door for me to be their photographer.

But when my photography business started picking up momentum, I quickly realized that I spent the majority of my time editing photos, emailing prospective/current/past clients, and doing admin work.

Doing all of the necessary tasks required to make my business work meant that only a fraction of my time could be spent actually doing what I loved.

Here is the lesson I learned that I wish someone would have told me when I was just starting out: 

>>Running a business will take about 80% of your time to allow you to do 20% of what you’re passionate about.<<

*How’s that for some real talk, boo boo?*

When I made the pivot to being a business strategist, it was based on the fact that I wanted to help people.

I am totally crazy about helping business owners build their businesses on social media.

I love it. I could talk about it all day. In fact, that’s what I want to do…talk about it all day.

That’s what I get to do *a little bit* as the CEO of Social Curator. But here’s the truth: 80% of my time as CEO has nothing to do with what I want to do.

  • I want to be creative by coaching business owners.
  • I want to take photos.
  • I want to eat ice cream all day.

*Earth to Jasmine: that is TOTALLY unrealistic!*

See, if you’re anything like me, you’re stuck with the realization that your imaginary business looks NOTHING like actually building a business.

The majority of my days are spent answering emails, attending meetings, answering emails, and planning future projects.

*Oh, and did I mention answering emails?*

But I can’t complain, Buttercup, and neither should you. Why?

>>Doing the heavy lifting in my business means that I get to spend my entire life doing what I love.<<

Boo boo, I’m dealing it to you straight now because I wish someone would’ve taken two minutes to give me this reality check years ago.

I absolutely believe you can make a living doing what you love. 

But please take the time to balance the imaginary visions of your dream career to the discipline it’s going to take to build a successful business. 

If you’ve built a business before, what advice do you have for those who are just starting out? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Send them my way in an Instagram DM!