The Art of Second Shooting : Photography Course


TODAY is the day! We woke up at 4:30 this morning for last minute prep (okay, and from sheer nerves!), but we are excited to see JD host his first ever teaching experience. He’s been a second shooter for seven years and today he’ll be sharing more about what it’s like from an insider’s perspective. The Art of Second Shooting is a FREE two day course and together we’ll be teaching the ins and outs of First and Second Shooting on a wedding day.

If you’d like to join us, here’s a breakdown of each day starting at 9 a.m. PST…
9:00     Welcome
9:10     Introduction of course
9:20     How JD Became a Second Shooter
9:30     Types of Second Shooters
9:45     What Makes a Good Photo
9:55     What Gear Should a Second Photographer Take to the Wedding
10:05    How to Get Second Shooter Jobs
10:25     Q+A
10:35     Break
10:50     Second Shooter Etiquette
11:05     How Much Do Second Shooters Get Paid
11:15     Q+A
11:25     How to Deliver Images After the Wedding
11:40     Request Second Shooter Hotline Submissions
11:45     Lunch
12:45     What’s In JD’s Bag
1:00     Basic Photography Overview
1:15     Q+A
1:30     Transition to shoot
1:40     Intro of Shoot
1:45     Shoot
3:15     Transition back to set
3:25     Shoot Review
3:35     Q+A
3:50     Explanation of Day Two
4:00     Day One End

9:00     Welcome
9:05     Review of Day One
9:10     10 Questions to Ask Before Second Shooting a Wedding
9:25     Pre-Wedding Checklist
9:35     Second Shooter Wedding Day Schedule Organization
9:50     Top Ten Tips for Second Shooters
10:05     Second Shooter Wedding Day Shot List
10:40     Break
10:55     What to Wear as a Second Shooter
11:10     How to be a Proactive (instead of Reactive) Second Shooter
11:25     Knowing the First Shooter Lens Preference
11:35     Post-wedding Day Checklist
11:45     Second Shooter Handbook
11:50     How to Critique a Second Shooter
12:05     Q+A
12:15     Lunch
1:15     Review Images from Day One Photo Shoot
1:55     Q+A
2:05     How to Shoot/Work with your Spouse
2:15     Break
2:30     Stand By Your Terms of Agreement
2:40     Second Shooter Hotline
3:00     Q+A
3:10     Course conclusion
3:15     End