You Made the Chinese Food Taste Extra Awesome


If I was being honest, I’d admit I was more leery than he was. The directors of creativeLIVE asked JD for years to host a course on second shooting and when he said no, I was in full support. Besides my husband having never spoke in public (though he reminds me of that one anthropology presentation he made in college), I worried teaching a photography course on second shooting would expose too much of our personal lives. I love educating, but when it comes to our personal relationship, I wanted to protect it, keep it locked up behind a steel door and a fireproof blanket.

Last night JD and I ventured to the International District of Seattle and found the most ghetto fab Chinese restaurant. The menus were oily, only a few servers spoke english (I asked for ice and she brought me rice), and the plates didn’t match…all this meant we were in heaven.

We recounted the past two days of teaching The Art of Being a Second Shooter, and I told him how proud I was of his accomplishment. For someone who happily resides behind-the-scenes, he poured his heart into teaching this course. JD said the students (both in-studio and online) made the experience beautifully rich and rewarding. We loved connecting with photographers who are following their dreams and we are honored to be a part of this beautiful industry.

Lastly, we spoke of our love for the team/crew/family at creativeLIVE. There are few moments in life when a person feels drenched in unwavering support, but this is an average day at CL. In doubt, they reassure. In stress, they alleviate. In frustration, they pass a drink. All this to say, we’re honored to have worked with such an incredible team.

If you watched this course, thank you. We’re indebted to your support and appreciate your willingness to join us for this crazy ride!