The Content You Should Make For IGTV And Instagram Live

This week on my Facebook Live Ask Me Anything, Brittany asked what should we be showing on Instagram lives and IGTV.

Of course, I told her that it completely depends on what you and your business does. And this is great news! There is a plethora of options of what people want to see from you on Instagram.

For example:

  • If I was a baker, every week I would bake on Instagram live and post the finished product along with the recipe later that day.
  • As a makeup artist, I would do a 5 minute face before heading out to the grocery store, full of quick tips.
  • If I was a real estate agent, I would go live at a house I’m showing and film my consultation with someone walking through it.

The possibilities are endless, my friend. Brainstorm, experiment, test, and evaluate how your audience responds to your content. Then, do it again.

>>The thing to keep in mind is that your level of planning determines your level of social success.<<

My mama always said, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It drove me crazy as a kid, but now I’m passing along her wisdom to you!

Even though it looks effortless, I can guarantee you that the more followers someone has, the more they’re planning out their content in advance.

When I spend time outlining what I will post, it causes me to be thinking strategically about how my audience will respond. **This goes for posts, Instagram lives, and IGTV content.**

Because I think about what my audience wants, it increases the amount of actions taken on my account.

I plan on going live on Instagram every Tuesday because very few people are doing it… And the algorithm rewards me for it.

Do what nobody else is doing: that is how you stick out.

So while other people feel like the algorithm is out to get them, your engagement will be going up!

Your viewers want to see something related to what you do and why they follow you.

So if you’re reading this post, you should take a risk and go live, post that video, write the caption, and then pay attention to how your audience responds.

THAT is how you know what to post on Instagram, my friend. It may not be glamorous, it’s not sexy, but it’s the truth, boo.