The Magic Hour : Photo Shoots for Cancer Patients


For a while I’ve been wanting to do more with my photography. What that was, exactly, was still in the air, but I stayed open to possibilities. Luckily, I discovered The Magic Hour, a foundation that provides photography for amazing people battling cancer. These charitable portrait sessions are simply a way for people battling cancer to relax, enjoy, and create memories with loved ones.

This is how I met Cashea. She’s a kind, soft, and funny girl who recently got engaged to the love of her life, Ty. Together they’re navigating life as Cashea deals with cancer, insurance woes, and check-ups every three months. In spite of her painful journey, there isn’t a twinge of sadness or disappointment when Cashea talks about life. Instead, she embodies strength and fortitude in the face of fear.

I was honored to photograph her.

Ty joined us for the photo session and I was happy to capture a few engagement photos for them as well. They’re two beautiful people who deserve nothing but the best…

If you’re interested in learning how you can do more as a photographer, I’d heavily suggest checking out The Magic Hour. The process was amazing efficient and they made it easy for me to do what I love, help others, and create memories for people appreciate them the most.

If you have cancer or know someone who does and is in need of a photos (individual, family, or couples), feel free to CLICK HERE for more information on qualifications and how to apply.