The Power of Specialization

My mother is in remission. She's been cancer free for more than a decade and not a day goes by without me feeling like the luckiest kid in the world (yes, I'll refer to myself as a kid for as long as possible). However, when doctors discovered cancer in her brain we wanted her treated by the best nuero oncologist we could find. We didn't want a general practitioner. We didn't want an oncologist. We wanted a neuro oncologist because they specialize in brain cancer.

And just like that, I experienced the power of specialization. My family was willing to wait longer, pay more, drive farther, and expect more because her doctor focused on one thing. Only.

This had a profound effect on my life. As soon as my mother recovered, I searched for specialists in all fields. Everything from finding a manicurist who specialized in nail art to a dentist who specialized in working with fearful patients (I can, umm, be rather high maintenance in a dental chair). This later poured into my professional life when I created my photography business. I specialized in one thing: lifestyle wedding photography.

Why? The more someone feels like your services are tailored just for them, the more they'll spend/the farther they'll drive/the longer they'll wait/the more they'll brag about what you do.

I encourage you to take a moment and define your specialty.
Are you a hair stylist? Or are you a hair stylist specializing in color and ombre techniques?
Are you a travel agent? Or are you a travel agent specializing in honeymoons?
Are you a soap maker? Or are you a soap maker specializing in organic, handmade soap?

Is having a specialty necessary as an entrepreneur? No. But it can a powerful defining component to your business, hone your focus, and foster customers who'll believe there's no one better to do what they want than you.