The Workshop : May 2011

I've always maintained that each Workshop attracts an entirely different group of attendees, all perfectly suited for each other. Some groups are vibrant and loud, others quiet and thoughtful. Everyone interacts in a new way and they somehow forge friendships that are unique their own.

Last Tuesday I had the honor of sitting with 20 talented photographers from all over the world. Most of them walked in as a large group and the room buzzed with their positive energy. They were hungry to learn, support each other, and walk away more in love with their growing brand.

At the end of the night, JD and I got into our car and chatted about how amazing this group was. We felt blessed to be a small part of their lives.

The workshop is focused on The Eight Component of Branding and one piece of this equation is Photographing for Your Brand. We headed out during the brightest and hottest portion of the day to shoot in difficult lighting…if we could photograph in this setting and produce images we're proud of, then we could do it anywhere!

Many thanks to the cutest of cute couple Stacy and Joe Kokes who joined us all the way from Arizona to model…

Oh, Stacy, I can't even DEAL WITH YOU. Augh. Gorge…that is all.

Much appreciation goes to Emily with Ferndale's Bridal who's become my right-hand girl and stylizing guru here in Orange County…love her…love her shop!

A uber HUGE thank you goes to Vivian Tran of All Made Up for an amazing job with hair and makeup.

My good friend and amazing florist Jaclyne of Heavenly Blooms created the most stunning bouquet and boutonniere (<-- I needed spellcheck for that word!)...

And, like always, this is my favorite photo of the day…

To my new friends and peers…thank you for making me fall more in love with what I do. Meeting you, learning with you, and growing together has been a true highlight…and I hope this is just the start of even more amazing things to come for you. Your futures are bright and I know you're destined to become wildly successful simply by the passion you posses. Much Love and Appreciation… j*

To see past workshops, feel free to check them out HERE…and if you'd like to be the first to know about future photography workshops, be sure to sign up for the newsletter as I announce them exclusively through it!

Happy Friday!