What’s an Instagram Pod + Should I Use One?

Earlier today I shared an Instagram Engagement tutorial via Instagram Stories (3 Tips to Instagram Engagement), so if you wanna check it out, do so before it disappears in 24 hours!  And I even included a iPhone photo tutorial!

Speaking of Instagram, I've been asked lately about INSTAGRAM PODS

  • What's the purpose of an Instagram pod?
  • How do I start an Instagram pod?
  • Are Instagram Pods effective?

So let's get to business and define what an Instagram Pod really is…

An Instagram Pod is a group of people dedicated to liking and commenting on each others' photos, in hopes of creating engagement and ranking favorably within the algorithm.  Think of it like a pledge class in the fraternity of Instagram.  Who needs Delta Delta Delta when you can have Like-a, Like-a, Like-a?

[Was that cheesy?  Let's just move on, m'kay?]

Pods are intended to help each other gain more visibility in the Instagram algorithm because if a recently posted photo is getting lots of engagement (likes, and comments with more than four words, and not a series of emojis), chances are it'll rank favorably in the algorithm.

If you want to get an Instagram Pod started, connect with a select group of people who will notify each other each time a new post is added.  Things to consider…

  • The bigger the group is, the less accountability so choose your pod carefully
  • Pods with 8-10 people are the most genuine because you know who's actively participating
  • Decide how the pod will communicate when a new post is added
    • Text message
    • Instagram messager (note: DM's are limited to 15 people per group)
    • Facebook messager
    • You'll send a message to the group when your post is live, asking them to comment
  • Together as a group commit to what's expected from the pod
    • Like, Comment (more than four words), avoid using a string of emojis
      • Using a lot of emojis in a row isn't weighted as a real comment…it's bot status, y'all
    • Read the caption
    • Incorporate first names as much as possible, so engagement is personalized


So now it's time for my opinion of pods:  I don't use them.

I totally and completely see the benefit, but group dynamics can make it hard if a few people post too often, making the requested engagement from others not equal.  And, well, it just feels insincere to me.

Before you start throwing stones at me, please understand that Instagram, for me, is a real life platform…and in real life, I want real conversations.  Not requirements from people who all have a vested interest in their purpose of commenting.

I prefer to keep my engagement as organic as possible…so HOW?

  • I respond to all my comments
  • I leave comments on other photos
  • If I ask a question on Instagram, I read+respond every answer
  • In short: I cultivate conversations with a lot of people…not depend on a group for repeated engagement


Regardless if you're using an Instagram pod or not, the main objective is to use the app as a way to grow your business.  However you choose to do it, I'm in full support.

Now who's ready to get swatted with the Like-a, Like-a, Like-a fraternity paddle?!